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"Cookie Cutter Girl: Pop Superhero"
Issue Release Date: 1/08

Remember when the Spice Girls coined the phrase, “GIRL POWER”? And with it, a new movement begun where GIRLS all around the world were showing their POWER. This next artist certainly has enough of her own GIRL POWER to crave a nice niche in the music industry.

She describes her music as: "GIRL POWER POP with a PUNCH!" I tend to agree with her as she is popping and rocking to some of the coolest lyrics and melodious tunes I have heard in a long time. I recently had a chance to do an interview with Cookie Cutter Girl about her music and everything else in between.

Isaac-Joseph: The moment I saw your EPK (Electronic Press Kit) on Sonicbids I became a fan. I love your style and the way you are using your GIRL POWER to bring us some of the coolest music around. Who came up with the concept of Cookie Cutter Girl?

CCG POP SUPERHERO: Cookie Cutter Girl, Girl Power Pop Superhero, is often mistaken as a "Concept." In reality CCG is the "Inner Superhero" I discovered, and I believe that everyone has one. She was born already named. As a music promoter, I thought the name was too long to be memorable & marketable, but felt dishonest changing the name my inner voice gave CCG. Discovering Cookie Cutter Girl, Pop Superhero, as a strong, feminine role model grew out of my own personal, life experiences. I struggled through a pattern of abusive relationships. I feel my personal success in rising above the negative feelings, and in refusing to remain a victim, led me to discover CCG: the poster child for Girl Power.

Isaac-Joseph: During these troubled times, every little girl needs a super hero to look up too. What advice does Cookie Cutter Girl have for younger girls?

CCG POP SUPERHERO: The theme behind “Cutter” is self-empowerment. Girls do NOT need to live their lives within the confines of the rules that school & society has laid out for them. They can “break the mold” and be whoever they want to be – professionally, personally, creatively, you name it. Girls *can* learn to be a source of support for each other, instead of competing with each other for boys, teams, and popularity. While this is a decidedly feminist message, I am NOT by any means a "man-hater." Men DO fill positive roles in my music and writing, and are not portrayed as being evil in any stereotypical way. The message is one of strength and power for women; it is NOT about men being bad simply because they’re men. Men too can learn to be a desperately needed source of support for their girlfriends, wives, daughters & female co-workers.

Isaac-Joseph: You have been quite busy as of late with appearance, interviews, and photo shoots. How are you able to manage the various aspects of your professional life with your personal life?

CCG POP SUPERHERO: Personal Life... I'm supposed to have a personal life? Seriously, I DO believe that a happy, balanced life includes healthy levels of both work and personal experiences. That said, This Pop Superhero feels "on call" 24/7 and has not yet found that elusive balance. Being an "Indie" or Independent musician, you are forced to do MANY JOBS: songwriter, producer, publicist, press release writer, radio promoter, concert promoter, tour manager, stage manager, webmaster, forum moderator, BLOG writer, newsletter writer, fan email responder.... then there's the actual promotion of your music, including PHOTO SHOOTS, INTERVIEWS & LIVE PERFORMANCES! (I'm exhausted just writing about it... and YOU want me to have something left over to give to a "personal life?" I *BETTER* be a POP SUPERHERO! *wink*

Isaac-Joseph: One of my favorite tracks entitled KARMA has an acoustical tone to it. What was the inspiration behind this track?

CCG POP SUPERHERO: I believe in KARMA: all the energy you put out into your world, be it positive or negative, and WILL come back to you! I've been in Rolling Stone, on MTV, FUSE TV, NHK TV in Japan and dozens more, all without submitting to be reviewed or interviewed in ANY of them. I believe that is because I work everyday to share my successes with my fellow Indie musicians, so that they may benefit from the contacts that I have worked so hard to make. I do this by adding weekly to the FREE MUSIC DIRECTORY I've built in "PowerofPink.com."

Isaac-Joseph: Your Mission is described by you as: GIRL POWER ... Strength Through Unity. Every person you link to adds strength to *your* chain! Don't be a 'cookie cutter' girl. Break the Mold and be the best *YOU*! *smile*. I love this mission; could you elaborate to the readers of our magazine in more depth what you are conveying with this mission statement:

CCG POP SUPERHERO: NONE of my difficult achievements makes me feel as good as when I actually connect with someone. My heart just soars every time an Indie Musician sends me a thank you email for helping them in a music forum, newsletter or via my Free Music Directory. Cookie Cutter Girl is a Pop Superhero with a mission: to help *everyone* find their "Inner Superhero" and change their world by "Strength Through Unity." We're all a single link, with limited power, but ... united together; we are an unstoppable force of GIRL POWER!

Isaac-Joseph: Thus far, what has been your favorite track that you have enjoyed performing or making?

CCG POP SUPERHERO: The track I enjoy PERFORMING the most is "Get the Picture" off my CD "Cookie Cutter Girl." This energetic, GIrl Power anthem allowed me to rise up from the ashes of my music partners, Bob Bachand's, untimely death. I also wrote it on his guitar, which I aptly named "Phoenix." The track from the same CD that I enjoyed writing the most was "I Feel You," which is a 1 of 2 tribute songs on "Cookie Cutter Girl" that intimately describe, in great detail, my personal struggle to carry on in the wake of the biggest tragedy of my life. It took me years to find the strength to write again. Yet, I will never forget that Bob was the first person who believed in me as a songwriter, and the ONLY reason I ever started to write at all.

Isaac-Joseph: I read in your EPK that the singles from your new CD, "Cookie Cutter Girl" received airplay on OVER 500 TV & RADIO STATIONS! How does this validate you as an artist in your opinion? How do you feel that you are being perceived by the general population?

CCG POP SUPERHERO: I'd LOVE to say that I feel "validated," but the truth is that I never have been. The stations that embrace both my music & my mission are mostly college radio, Internet podcasts and a few syndicated radio shows. The low-budget independent stations play your songs a few times, and then move on to other music. It breaks my heart that "Payola" is still alive and kicking (the 50+ year old practice of major labels paying off radio stations with money and expensive prizes to play their artists' music). This means it takes 10's of 1,000s of dollars for independent artists to receive regular, ample airplay on major radio stations. THESE are the stations that play the same 12 songs in heavy rotation EVERY DAY until they convince their audience to like it and, hopefully buy it.

Isaac-Joseph: Let’s talk about "More Than Sex". How is this CD different than any of your previous ones? Have is it the same?

CCG POP SUPERHERO Due to my major stage accident on 10/1/06, This Pop SUperhero has been laying low, suffering through daily physical therapy & several surgeries. I WILL survive and am planning to make a come-back as soon as possible to release my "More Than Sex" CD. I MUST do this, if for no other reason, than to practice what I preach and inspire my fans to have faith in their own Inner Strength or Inner Superhero to empower themselves to succeed in the face of adversity!

Isaac-Joseph: If you were not making music, is there anything else that you would want to do? If so, what would it be and why?

CCG POP SUPERHERO: In addition to my music website, COokieCutterGIrl.com, I also started to other businesses: PowerofPink.com & VelvetChokers.com. "Power of Pink" is my Internet promotion company. I could not afford to hire a music promoter, so I forced myself to learn how to be one. The first, and most difficult, step is just believing in your elf! "Velvet Chokers" is my custom, designer jewelry website. I use the profits from VelvetChokers.com to pay for recording and promoting CCG POP SUPERHERO. I truly enjoy designing new jewelry pieces and hand make each and every one MYSELF! There is even a section of the site where visitors can design there own "Wearable Works of Art" and I will simply construct it for them. You can't buy a more personal gift than that!

Isaac-Joseph: What do you feel has been the one aspect of making music that has been the most rewarding for you?

CCG POP SUPERHERO: Being an unpaid Pop Superhero, I live on a VERY LOW BUDGET. The most rewarding aspect of making music is that music has given me a way to be poor, and yet still charitable! I have donated songs to 30+ CDs, most of them for charity, and none of them for profit of any kind on my behalf. My music has provided me with a valuable commodity to donate to charities so they can raise money to help change our world for the better. THANK GOD FOR MUSIC... AND MY MUSE!

Isaac-Joseph: How important have your family and friends been while you are pursing your musical dreams? (Please Elaborate)

CCG POP SUPERHERO: My father is was also a professional musician, who was always there to be my readily available pianist, accompanying me in impromptu rehearsals before grade school performances. Days of singing with my Father by my side have remained some of my happiest memories. He was also the dedicated Dad that drove me to vocal lessons, sitting in the cold driveway for up to an hour while I was still learning.

Both my Mother & Father also attended every grade school performance with the dedication ONLY a parent could have.... if you've EVER been subjected to some of these shows, you know what I mean. God bless music teachers everywhere for being able to tolerate our off-key singing and out of control antics!

Isaac-Joseph: Final thoughts that you would like to share with Junior’s Cave Music Now:

CCG POP SUPERHERO: Julian: INDIE MUSICIANS: Stay Hungry and Support each other! There is SO much competition out there. YOU have to want to succeed more. YOU have to work harder. I do NOT compete against others, only against myself. I want to do a better job than *I* did yesterday! Find strength in uniting and supporting your fellow artists. Don't fear or oppress them as "competition." I truly DO believe in the concept of Karma: everything you do for others WILL come back to be done for you. LIVE POSITIVE & DON'T BE A 'COOKIE CUTTER GIRL'... BREAK THE MOLD!



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