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Cookie CUTTER Girl


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- When did you first realize that you were
different from ordinary girls?

When? Can we tawk? My 1st professional photo shoot. I'm like maybe a year old and in my 1st "big girl" dress: pink pinstripes. You can imagine my excitement, right? I sit up tall for the photographer, ready for my big close-up, and he hands me ... a football. That, my friends, is when I knew I *must* be different. I've struggled with my "differences" my entire life, trying to hide them to fit in. Girl Power Pop Superhero, Cookie Cutter Girl, as a strong, feminine role model grew out of my own personal experience of being forced to conform to the standards set by strangers of what a "girl" should be. My personal success in rising above the negative feelings, and in refusing to remain a victim, led me to this poster child for Girl Power. CCG actually appeared to me, mentally, during a solo performance, asking why I was performing in a restaurant to the backs of people who weren't listening. This soon to be Girl Power Icon inspired me to come out of my own shell, face my fear of judgement and stand tall.

The theme behind “Cutter” is that women don’t need to live their lives within the confines of the rules that society has laid out for them. They can “break the mold” and be whoever they want to be – professionally, personally, sexually, you name it. Women can be a source of support for each other, instead of competing with each other for men, jobs, and security. While this is a decidedly feminist message, I am NOT by any means a "man-hater." Men DO fill positive roles in my music and writing, and are not portrayed as being evil in any stereotypical way. The message is one of strength and power for women, it’s not about men being bad because they’re men.

- What would those closest to you say if
I asked them what makes you so unique?

Well ... Let me see ... I've got "Secret Asian Man" right here ...
I'll ask *him*! Long Pause ... (too long, my inner voice asks?
Yeah, I'm that insecure.) S.A.M. says "You're tough and
you don't back down. You don't take any crap from people.
There's just a certain edge about you. It's inspiring to watch
how driven you are about promoting your 'Girl Power' mission."
(Whew ... I worried for nothing, as usual.)

- How did you come up with the name ?Cookie Cutter Girl??

To be honest, I didn't. She did. *wink* Seriously,
when I discovered my "Inner Superhero," and I believe
*everyone* has one, she was already named. I thought the
name was too long to be memorable, but felt dishonest
changing the name my inner voice gave me.

- What accomplishments are you most proud of?

Silly as it may sound, my heart soars everytime an Indie Musician sends me a thank you email for helping them via the Free Music Directory on I've been in Rolling Stone, on MTV, FUSE TV, NHK TV in Japan and dozens more, but NONE of those acheivements makes you feel as good as when you actually connect with someone. Cookie Cutter Girl's mission is "Strength Through Unity." We're all a single link, with limited power, but ... united together, our strength has no bounds!

- In one sentence, describe your life!

Endless 12 hour days of searching the internet for new ways to help Indie Musicians promote themselves. (Gosh that sounds boring, sorry. Oh yeah, I apologize too much too.)

- What or who is your biggest motivation?

Every women before me that dared to open a previously locked door, allowing all us girls who followed to get through.
I believe in the power of people to change the world ... one person at a time. It is my dream that Cookie Cutter Girl will be remembered for open doors someday ...

Here are seven fun questions to answer in 3 words
(more or less, we won't mark it wrong!):

1.What are your greatest strengths?

Tenacity, Intelligence & compassion


Insecurity, Fear & Sugar (I eat dessert first ... 'cause life's too short)

3.Definitions of success?

Finding your "Inner Superhero" AND listening to them.

4.Favorite ways to handle stress?

(3 pounds & an attitude!)

5.Favorite indulgences?

CHOCOLATE, Performing every weekend for little or no money, working from home


people who talk at the movies, guitarists who play during your mic check, people who eat the last piece of chocolate

7.Favorite places?

the ocean, the clock tower in Boston, anywhere "Lil Stinker" is. *smile*

- If you had the power to change one thing in the world,
what would it be?

I would make money SO much less important, and necessary in our lives. I believe in the barter system of payment: trading use of my skills for use of someone else's.

- Where do you hope to see yourself five years from now?

I want Cookie Cutter Girl to reach many more women by touring and performing at shools and crisis centers Internationally.

- Do you have some quick advice for other musicians?

Two words. FOLLOW UP. The biggest mistage that indie musicians make is that they don't follow up on their leads and submissions.
Send your music. Wait 2 weeks. Follow up with an email or a phone call. No response? Follow up again the next week, and the next, and the next ... until you get one.

- A favorite quote that sums it all up for you:

"A Peacock who sits on his tail feathers is just another turkey." Be proud of who you are. What you may think of as a flaw, may be the one thing about you that's special. That may be the link to your Inner Superhero. Don't hide your differences for fear of judgement. Stop what you are doing ... Look within yourself ... Listen to your heart. *YOU* have the POWER .. GIRL POWER!


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