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by Wednesday Elektra

Wednesday Elektra [Wednesday]: Hi Julian, please tell us a
little bit about yourself and how you first got involved in music.

Julian: My Dad went to Hart College of Music in CT as a Jazz major. He gave lessons and gigged out until I was born. Both my parents notably attended every "only a parent could endure *this* performance" school assembly I was thankful to be in too! *smile* After earning my degree in Jazz and Contemporary Music,
I jumped into the local music scene
of Central Maine singing cover songs and playing Conga drums for the popular duo, "Sunday Driver," and the classic rock band,
"Out of Bounds."

Wednesday: Since "Cookie Cutter Girl" is a super-hero
for our times" who are your sidekicks (AKA band mates)
and what roles do they play?

Julian: Here are my 3 "boys" and the characters,
from the upcoming comic book, they portray on stage :

Peter Doubt aka "Sunday": A pop/punk songwriter who boasts
"3 chords and an attitude!" This multi-talented musician is a cornerstone of the group, as his musical vocabulary ranges
several decades. If you can sing it, he CAN play it!
He's our a brother from another Mother...

Pat Callahan aka "S.Y.D": Solid... Super Fly... Slap happy! Pat is the easy going one who's ALWAYS in a GREAT MOOD!
(Did we mention that he's also tighter than J Lo's butt?)
You've gotta' see, and hear, him to believe him.
He's always smiling... we just never know why.

Ray Saunders aka "The Dominator": You might recognize the
happy hands behind the drums from the band TEASER! Ray is
the driving force behind the Power Pop energy that is
"Spirit of Sunday." This tireless, boundless ball of energy is
always ready for more!

Wednesday: How would you describe your music
and how is it different than the rest of the pop music
out there on the markets today?

Julian: At larger venues and festivals, I perform as Cookie 'Cutter' Girl, a Superhero for *our* times who packs her GIRL POWER POP with a PUNCH! Layering "GIRL POWER LYRICS over POP MELODIES that will be STUCK IN YOUR HEAD for hours," according to Look out boys ... This Guitar Rock with GIRL POWER is on OVER 500 TV & RADIO STATIONS! Hear it at: "Cutter" is freeing women everywhere from the mold in which society holds them captive, promoting STRENGTH through UNITY. Cutter's mission is MUCH bigger than her music alone. Look for the upcoming comic book. I've included a "teaser" of it in the CD insert. Ron & Justine Fontes of Sonic Comics, who fell in love with Cookie Cutter Girl's mission, generously offered to assist me in producing the comic. Ron is the ex-Art Director for MARVEL COMICS and Justine is the "Queen of Licensed Children's Books." (Disney, Dreamworks, The Wiggles)

Wednesday: What releases do you currently have available
and are you working on new material for the future?

Julian: My first "Girl Power Pop" CD, "Cookie Cutter Girl," was released this year. The singles from it receive airplay on OVER 500 TV & RADIO STATIONS! Htp:// lists them. I had 7 songs from this CD placed on 10 nationally released compilations CD this year as well. "Get the Picture" was in the BROADJAM.COM & PITT RADIO ROCK TOP 10 LISTS for 16 WEEKS EACH! (It's very RARE for *any* song to remain in a top 10 list such an extraordinary length of time.) This song is also featured on the "RE-FUEL YOUR SOUL" (, "GO GIRLS MUSIC FEST 05" (, "SANTA CRUZ Battle of the Bands," "Greetings From Area Code 207" ( and "PLANET MUSE" ( COMPILATION CDS! "Jenny" has been chosen by 7RECORDSMUSIC for their COMPILATION CD, "GLOW BOY," and is featured along side the theme song from the HIT TV SHOW: "QUEER AS FOLK!" "Other Girls Do" is featured on "Media Factory Records 5" compilation CD. "Without You" is featured on the GINA "Missing" compilation CD. "Julian" is on the "04347" CD and "Watcher" and "Stalker" are on the "Maine Songwriters Assoc." CD. Both feature the top artists in Central Maine.

My 2nd CD, "Ham for the Holidays," was just released this month. It's an hilarious mix of holiday themed, novelty songs. The title track won HONORS in the "GREAT AMERICAN SONG CONTEST," was featured on the nationally syndicated "DR. DEMENTO SHOW" Nov. 04 + 05 and was in BROADJAM.COM's TOP 10 LIST for all of MASSACHUSETTS for 6 straight weeks too.

I've also written 3 theme songs too. Sonic Comics commissioned me to compose the themesongs for their graphic novels, the "Terminal Diner" and "Bloodlust." The former is featured in their TV commercials and a TV pilot is presently in production. "More Than Sex with Marlee" commissioned me to compose the theme for the Seattle based talk show. The song, "More Than Sex," will introduce the television show in 2005.

I am currently recording a POP CD, "More Than Sex," and a CD of comic pop songs, "World's Greatest Sister Mom." All of my SONGS are AVAILABLE for PERFORMING and RECORDING by others too!

Wednesday: What message do you try to get out
through your music and live performances
and what audiences are you trying to captivate mostly?

Julian: Cookie Cutter Girl is here to spread the word:
Sisters *are* doin' it for themselves! No longer need you wait for a white knight, in shining armour to come rescue you from the dangers of the world. STOP what you are doing... LOOK within yourself...
LISTEN to your heart... Be your own hero and save yourself.
*You* have the power... THE GIRL POWER! Our target audience is women, of course. *smile* We have fans from 5-105, but I am most concerned about reaching out to girls 8-18 years old. This is when their self-image is shaping and I want them to realize their full potential.

Wednesday: Do you have any live shows and/or tours planned
for the 2006-year that you can tell us about?

Julian: We "gig out" just about every weekend. Fans go to to see all our upcoming shows for 2006.

Wednesday: Tell us about your girl power movement
and how is it the same or different from other movements
(like the Spice Girls for example)?

Julian: I cannot speak on behalf of the Spice Girls, of course, but many other so called "Girl Power" movements are ONLY about selling merchandise. Cookie Cutter Girl is just the opposite of them. Cutter ONLY uses her CD and merchandise to promote her Girl Power Mission!

Wednesday: I heard that you are also a VJ/Co-host for
"No Hit Videos," can you tell us more about this?

Julian: "No Hit Videos" is a video show, like MTV used to be, on Channel 9 hosted by Nikko. He saw my show, fell for Cutter, and asked me to CO-host. My band, "Spirit of Sunday," was also invited to perform live at the Asylum, in Portland, ME., where the show tapes live once each month. Fans in Maine and NH can see videos from our concert on the show, which reaches 230,000 homes. Read more at:

Wednesday: Where does Cookie Cutter Girl stand in relation to the worldwide media such as TV, radio, the Internet, etc.?

Julian: My GIRL POWER POP is on OVER 500 TV & RADIO STATIONS! Hear it at: See a list of the radio stations that play my music at

Wednesday: Where do you stand on issues like free MP3 downloading and file sharing of independent/underground music?

Julian: I have free MP3s available on as my gift to my fans. Of course, I hope they will love them enough to buy the CD! *wink* I do NOT support illegal downloads and/or copying of other artists CDs. VERY few indie artists EVER make ANY PROFIT AT ALL. WHY would fans want to steal from them?! I believe in Karma and put an advisory warning on my CDs that, if they DO try to illegally burn my CD, a tiny black spot will remain on their Karma forever. Be kind to your karma... DON'T STEAL.

Wednesday: Where can our readers go online to find out more about Cookie Cutter Girl and where can they
pick up samples of your music?

Julian: Fans go directly to to read up on the latest buzz on Girl Power Superhero: Cookie Cutter Girl! EVERYTHING they could want is there... OVER 100 PAGES of pictures, lyrics, MP3s, music & Girl Power Blogs, Girl Power Society forums, gig listings, music articles, music and girl power links and SO MUCH MORE.

Wednesday: How do you go about supporting your local music scene and what are some of your favorite local artists?

Julian: I do everything I can to support local music, because Cookie Cutter Girl and I DO stand for "Strength Through Unity!" I hire local musicians to perform on my CDs and invite them to "sit in" with us live too. I donate my songs for local, and National, charity fund-raising CDs and often perform, free of charge, at local charity events. My favorite local artists... there are SO many! I love the song-writing of Stevie Jones, who also played guitar on both my CDs released this year. He's got the melody hook thing down. I can't sit still when I hear the Punk/Pop originals of my own guitarist, Peter Doubt, either! This guy is the King of the 3-5 note guitar Pop Hook! Just saw the "Hot Tarts" in Portland last week... very cool, and cute, female Pop/Punk duo. *wink*

Wednesday: Who/What are some of your influences and what music besides your own do you generally like to listen to?

Julian: There's definately a LIZ PHAIR / LINDA PERRY ATTITUDE
to the whole ROCK OPERA that is "Cookie Cutter Girl" the CD!
It's LIZ PHAIR's bold sexuality and confidence with CHRISTINA AGUILERA's powerhouse vocals! Other similar artists are: AVRIL LAVIGNE, MICHELLE BRANCH, KELLY CLARKSON, MELISSA ETHRIDGE. My musical influences are: ELVIS COSTELLO, LIZ PHAIR, LINDA PERRY, THE DONNAS, SHANIA TWAIN (CD production)

Wednesday: Do you have any advice for females
looking to start or break into the music industry?

Julian: Stay Hungry and Support Other Women! There is SO much competition out there. YOU have to want to succeed more. YOU have to work harder. I do NOT compete against others though, only against myself. I want to do a better job than *I* did yesterday! Find strength in uniting and supporting your fellow artists. Don't fear or oppress them as "competition." I truly believe in the concept of Karma: everything you do WILL come back to you!

Wednesday: How can our readers get in touch with you
if they’d like more information?

Julian: Please feel free to email me at
GirlPower@CookieCutterGirl.c o m.

Wednesday: Thanks Lynn for the interview. Do you have any information in closing you’d like to leave our readers with?

Julian: Always be true to yourself. Be who *YOU* are...
not just another 'cookie cutter' girl!

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