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"Cookie Cutter Girl: Pop Superhero"
Reporter: Jimmy Tickey ... Date: 8/06 Connecting Teens & Entertainment!

WW: Hey Cookie Cutter Girl ... Welcome to!
What's up?

CCG: This Pop Superhero was recently injured in the line of
duty and is recovering quickly from foot surgery.
(SEE ... I am human after all... *smile*)

WW: So is Cookie Cutter Girl an alterego?
Where does the name come from?

CCG: Girl Power Pop Superhero, Cookie Cutter Girl, is a
strong, feminine role model who grew out of my personal
experiences in a string of abusive relationships. My own
success in rising above the negative feelings, and in
refusing to remain a victim, led me to CCG: the poster child
for Girl Power! The Pop Superhero first appeared to me
during one of my solo shows, asking why I was performing
in a restaurant to the backs of patrons who weren't even
listening. The soon to be Girl Power Icon inspired me to
come out of my own shell, face my fears, and be heard.

The theme behind “Cutter” is understanding that women
don’t need to live their lives within the confines of the "mold"
that society has cut for them. They don't *have* to be "cookie
cutter" girls ... they can “break the mold” and be whoever they
want to be – professionally, personally, sexually, you name it.
Women can be a source of support for each other, instead of
competing with each other for men, jobs, and security. While
this is a decidedly feminist message, I am NOT, by any
means, a "man-hater." Men always have, and still DO, fill
positive roles in my music and writing, and are not portrayed
as being anymore evil than women. The message is one of
strength and power for women, it’s not about men being bad
people because they’re men.

WW: Your real name is Lynn, right? Tell us about yourself.
Did music always play an important role in your childhood?

CCG: My Dad is a Jazz musician who taught music and
gigged out until I was born. Both my parents notably
attended every "only a parent could endure this" school
assembly I was thankful to be performing in too! *smile*
I can remember only 2 things I wanted to be when I was a
little girl, a singer and a Princess, and Cookie Cutter Girl has
helped me realize that I CAN be BOTH!

WW: How did your band meet?

CCG: Each member of the S.O.S. BAND was brought
together through ads I placed in various music forums on
the internet. It took 3-6 months to find each one, but they are
worth it. We aren't just a band: we're a team! *smile*
(S.O.S. stands for "Spirit of Sunday." Sunday is a strong
male role model in the "Cookie Cutter Girl: Pop Superhero"
comic book series. He, like all the characters in the series,
is a composite of many real individuals in my colorful past.
Sunday is also my favorite day of the week ...
the only one I usually don't have to work!)

WW: When did you all know you wanted to be
in the music industry?

CCG: Me and "the boys" have all been in "the industry" most
of our lives. I think we were just born musicians. You
*always* knew that you LOVED music, and, like anything you
truly *LOVE* ... Sometimes it takes you awhile, but you
eventually realize you can't live without it.

WW: Who were your musical influences while growing up?

CCG: Since my Dad is a jazz musician, and member of the
"Closet Accordian Players of America," I grew up listening to
a lot of *GREAT* jazz music: Billie Holiday, John Coltrane,
Ray Charles. In my teen years, I was sucked into POP TOP
40 radio, as most teens are, and didn't realize there was
incredible Pop music that never made the airwaves. The
internet wasn't as large then, and the Indie Music scene
wasn't nearly as strong, and easily accessable, as it is now!
I traveled through Europe in my late teens, where I am
eternally gratefully to have been introduced to the likes of
Elvis Costello, Kate Bush, the Talking Heads and
Joe Jackson. I've been a die hard fan of
Brit Pop and New Wave ever since.

WW: Where do you draw the inspiration from to create music?

CCG: What sets Lynn "JULIAN", the songwriter's, songs
apart is that they are all based on true stories. NOTE: Not
all the stories are about me! *wink* There's definately a LIZ
PHAIR / LINDA PERRY ATTITUDE to the whole ROCK OPERA that is "Cookie Cutter Girl" the CD. It's LIZ PHAIR's
bold sexuality and confidence with CHRISTINA AGUILERA's
powerhouse vocals! Other similar artists are: LIZ PHAIR,
early SHERY CROW & MELISSA ETHRIDGE. Other musical
influences for the CCG CD are: ELVIS COSTELLO, LINDA

WW: How would you explain your music?

CCG: Explain my music? How about I explain *ALL* music!
Music is the cheapest form of therapy. Every time I write
another song, I'm purging, I'm cleansing, I'm making space
in my heart for new material. Every time I get on stage,
I'm releasing all I've held inside since my last show.
I'm thrusting every ounce of energy, all my GIRL POWER,
LIVE & UNSCENSORED, as I pour my heart out to anyone
who will listen. When the audience sucks it all in, mulls it over,
and throws us back some of their energy in return, then the
circle is completed and *everyone* feels energized ... without
drugs or doctors ... or the HIGH bills that come with them! *wink*

WW: You've been recognized by FUSE, MTV and
Rollingstone. Has success changed anything in your life?

CCG: YES ... Of course! Success has given me faith in the
possibilities that life holds and courage to perform on larger
stages than I thought possible. Success has validated my
lifelong habit of betting on the underdog. Success has
inspired me to work even harder to inspire others, and
convince them that anything is possible ...
once you discover *your* "Inner Superhero!"

WW: What are your plans for the future; where can we catch you?

CCG: Our plan is to use the publicity we garner to bring
National attention to women's issues such as domestic
violence and eating disorders. We are in the process of researching grants and government funding available
for projects targeted at female empowerment and
women in crisis. Our goal is to distribute the CDs and
Comic Books to schools and crisis centers across the USA.

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WW: Thanks Cookie Cutter Girl! Best of luck to you.

CCG: Thank *you* for having me and your support of
Cookie Cutter Girl ... GIRL POWER!

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