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Lynn “Julian” AKA Cookie “Cutter” Girl

(Augusta, ME & Ipswich , MA)
By: Bob Donovan

Lynn 'Julian' is a woman with a mission. A hard working, dedicated, very talented singer, songwriter and musician out to show the world that women can do it on their own in this big, bad, male dominated music industry. As a strong supporter of Women in Music myself, I can totally understand what she is doing. To some, her music might not be “metal enough” or doesn’t fit into the mold of the current trend; some may think she is too commercial or flamboyant. However, no matter what you may think about her music, you have to give her credit for her ambition, dedication, and the guts to carve her own path rather than following the trendy flow of what is or isn’t “cool.”

Yea, maybe she pushes the line or the limit on some things and maybe she is a bit flamboyant, but the fact remains, she has the spirit and guts to do what she has to do to be visible and not forgotten. These are qualities of success whether you believe in them or not. It’s obviously working for Lynn “Julian” as her music can be heard on over 500 TV and Radio stations! So all you who think what she is doing won’t work, stop and count the station your music is heard on; the number of gigs you’ve gotten; how much press you are receiving. Than, at that point, you may start to realize Lynn “Julian” is on a successful mission and won’t stop fighting until she has accomplished her goal. This is total dedication, commitment and a belief in oneself that is strong enough to make those dreams and goals an actual reality.
Lynn has developed her own sound, image and creative outlook and taken it to the max and run with it. No hesitation, “what ifs” or “I wonder what others will think.” She has just taken control and gone for it and the path she blazes is wide and will not end until she wants it to do so.

She has developed a “superhero” image for women in the industry and combines comedy and serious hard work and writing to develop a storyline for success. She is currently incorporating this storyline into a comic book that will be heavily marketed as well. Whether you see or hear Lynn “Julian” you won’t forget her and the alter ego she has developed as the Cookie “Cutter” Girl.”
Lynn “Julian’s” music is “Girl Power with a PUNCH” pop/rock with fun and enjoyable lyrics. Her songs are well written, structured and produced. Her talent is obvious with each and every song. Lynn has received rave reviews and great write-ups in on-line and print media/press throughout the Northeast and beyond. She has earned the respect of many industry folk as well.

Lynn “Julian’s” Band Is:
Lynn 'Julian': Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Peter Doubt: Vocals, Lead Guitar
Pat Callahan: Bass
Jason L.: Drums

Larger venues only... Gerald Brann: Keyboards
Not only has Lynn “Julian” worked hard to fight through the male dominated music industry with her music, she has taken complete control with her own label “Cookie Cutter Records” and music publishing company “Cookie Cutter Publishing.”

To learn more about Lynn “Julian” the Cookie “Cutter” Girl” you can go to her websites where you can read more and hear her music. &
(Website receives 10,000 HITS PER DAY & has a HIGH ALEXA RANKING TOO!)

Lynn 'Julian' aka Cookie 'Cutter' Girl is the newest CO-HOST/VJ for "No Hit Videos" on Ch 9, which reaches 230,000 homes in Maine and NH! You can also see LIVE VIDEOS of JULIAN with her band, Spirit of Sunday, BROADCAST INTERNATIONALLY, on Evolving Artist Television. Julian has performed SOLO for the "Songwriter's Corner" TV SHOW and with her duo for "Musicians of Maine " TV SHOW.

5 singles from Julian's new CD, "Cookie Cutter Girl" receive airplay on OVER 500 TV & RADIO STATIONS! Http:// lists them.

Julian has had 7 songs placed on 10 nationally released compilations CD as well!

"Get the Picture" was in the BROADJAM.COM & PITT RADIO ROCK TOP 10 LISTS for 20 WEEKS EACH! It's very RARE for *any* song to remain in a top 10 list such an extraordinary length of time. This song is also featured on the "RE-FUEL YOUR SOUL" (, "GO GIRLS MUSIC FEST 05" (, "PLANET MUSE" ( and "SANTA CRUZ Battle of the Bands" COMPILATION CDS!

"Jenny" has been chosen by 7RECORDSMUSIC for their COMPILATION CD, "GLOW BOY," and is featured along side the theme song from the HIT TV SHOW: "QUEER AS FOLK!"

"Other Girls Do" is featured on "Media Factory Records 5" compilation CD!

"Without You" is featured on the GINA "Missing" compilation CD.

"Julian" is on the "04347" CD and "Watcher" and "Stalker" are on the "Maine Songwriters Assoc." CD. Both feature the top artists in Central Maine .

Sonic Comics commissioned Julian to compose the theme songs for their graphic novels, the "Terminal Diner" and "Bloodlust." The former is featured in their TV commercials and a TV pilot is presently in production.

"More Than Sex with Marlee" has commissioned Julian to compose the theme for the Seattle based talk show. The song, "More Than Sex," will introduce the television show in 2005.

Lynn Julian's first original CD, "Cookie Cutter Girl," was released in March 05'. It's a concept album, of Girl Power POP with a PUNCH, sung by her SuperHero alter ego: Cookie 'Cutter' Girl. Julian CO-wrote the COMIC BOOK with Sonic Comic's Justine Fontes, the "Queen of Liscenced Children's Books," and Ron Fontes, the Ex-Art Director for MARVEL COMICS will produce it!

Julian is currently recording her 2nd CD, "Ham for the Holidays," an eclectic mix of holiday themed, novelty songs due out in Nov. 05. The title track won HONORS in the "GREAT AMERICAN SONG CONTEST," was featured on the nationally syndicated "DR. DEMENTO SHOW" 2 weeks in a row in Nov. 04 and was in BROADJAM.COM's TOP 10 LIST for all of MASSACHUSETTS for 6 straight weeks too!

Julian is currently recording a POP CD, "More Than Sex," and a CD of comic pop songs, "World's Greatest Sister Mom," due out Mother's Day 2006.

Lynn 'JULIAN' a,k.a. Cookie Cutter Girl
"Girl Power Pop Super Hero on over



"Now, *this* girl can SING!"

"One of a kind... Made for TV... COOKIE CUTTER GIRL!
Unusual and complex... bold and individual, your songs tackle subjects that we (women) are all aware of, but perhaps don't want
to discuss ... YOU can be our voice instead! I could imagine some other current, popular female acts covering "Jenny" too, (Liz Phair, The Donnas), since it tells a controversial, yet engaging story!"

"Once the disc was in, I couldn't take it out.
This artist has what it takes and then some! It's only a matter of time before this girl breaks into the majors. GREAT STUFF!"

"I feel privileged to promote you and thank you for entrusting
your vision to me.
I am compelled to do all that I can to get you where I feel you belong and will exhaust all possibilities of my 'resource world!' YOU have a dream... close to becoming a reality!"
Marlee Garza, RADIO DISNEY

I'm a fan! I rarely gush at the artists who cross my path...
but, I love your music, I love your look and You ROCK!
Phil Peretz, President/Founder, Indie Artists Alliance

There should be more girls out there with ROCK and
We rock chicks have to stick together!

"I like your tracks a lot...

Jerry Bader, Massive Record Productions

"I found your material and voice quite unique and
commercial sounding
." Brian,

"Hey Cookie Cutter Girl... Very, very cool stuff!
I seldom write someone after getting his or her CD
but this is definitely original and Tres cool!
Let us know
when the full CD's done... very interested in checking it out!"
Stay in touch, Paul Woodfin Face Magazine, FACEMAG.COM

"The "Terminal Diner" theme song you wrote for us
Don't get a swelled head, or your hats
won't fit, but go ahead and stand tall, 'cause it's a swell song.
You have an awesome voice and it's very danceable too, which is just great! We're organizing a launch party for the CD single,
Video and commercial..." Sonic Comics, SONICPUBLISHING

"You've got a nice touch of madness going,
I like that in a girl... Great CD! "Stalker" cracks me up.
The mad glee of the protagonist. . . she ain't doin' nothin' wrong. .Rock On!" Dave Isaac, WKIT Bangor

"I hope a Mass girl makes it big!"

"'Get the Picture' is a GREAT SONG!"
I'm overnighting it to one of our clients.
Josh Zandman

"Received your pictures and both my wife and I were
VERY impressed. She actually commented that you were "hot,"
which made me feel a little uncomfortable - *sigh* She's right, you'll be very easy to translate into comic mode. You look a LOT like how DC comics has been drawing Wonder Woman over the last few years." Reece Friesen,

"Just really good songs with strong stories and genuine lyricism. Turnin Blue a song about urban legends has a cool bluesy feel
with an interesting story thread that brings you back to the track over and over again. The strongest track is The Terminal Diner
with a gutsy voice, strong lyrics and a haunting feeling.

Julian has a vocal quality that captures the song perfectly
and by itself justifies the price of this EP."

Denis Bernicky

"You're a very clever and creative writer ...
Wish more writers were as inventive as you!"

Justin Wilde





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